Apple ][+ This system was the follow-on system to the popular Apple ][. It was introduced in June of 1979 and cost $1195 for a machine with 48k of RAM. It is also one of the last systems designed by Steve Wozniak, and as such, it's mainboard and other items are quite elegant in thier simplicity. It's interesting to note the total 180 degree turn Apple made between the Apple ][ series and the later Macintosh, since the Apple ][ was designed from the outset to be as flexible and expandable as anyone could want, while they made the Macintosh a totally closed system that was quite a pain to expand. The Apple ][+ was a slight improvement over the original Apple ][, though it still didn't allow lowercase letters without a modification. This particular machine has the shift-key modification, a jumper between the keyboard and the game port, as well as the 13 sector DiskII controller connected to a pair of Apple DiskII's. Third party expansion cards include a 16k/language card, a Z80 card for running CP/M, and an 80 column video card. Normal video output for the Apple ][+ is composite and like the Apple ][, the ][+ used a 6502 cpu.

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