TRS-80 MC-10 Micro Color Computer The MC-10 was the semi-compatible cousin to the Color Computer 1 & 2. It was just a little larger than the Sinclair ZX-81 and used a similar style external RAM expansion. The base machine shipped with 4k of RAM and there was an external 16k RAM expansion pack available for it. Also like the various Sinclair machines, it had a chicklet keyboard with keys small enough to make touch-typing virtually impossible. Unlike the Color Computer 1 & 2, the MC-10 used a Motorolla 6803 as it's CPU and had provisions on the rear for plugging in an A/C power supply, a mini-DIN serial port connector, a connector for an audio cassette for storage, and an RCA jack for video from it's RF modulator. The cassette interface cable is the same as that used by the other Color Computer models from Tandy, while the power supply is quite odd, providing 8V AC input to the computer at 1.5A.

The MC-10 was released in 1983 and proved quite underpowered for it's intended market. It is considerably less well known than the other members of the TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer lineup and there was little software released for the machine. There was a small thermal printer released for use with it though.

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