Apple Macintosh Plus The Macintosh Plus was introduced on 16 January 1986 and stayed in production until 15 October 1990, the longest production run of any Macintosh model. It had an 8mhz 68000 cpu and 1 meg of RAM, expandable to 4meg, as well as an internal 800k double-sided floppy disk drive. It was the first Macintosh to include a SCSI interface as well as the first to use the 8pin mini-din connectors for the serial ports, though it still retained the original mouse and keyboard connectors. These would disappear with the next model, the SE, which would switch to the ADB connectors for the mouse and keyboard. It originally sold for $2,600 and would have it's case color changed to 'platinum' in 1987.

This Macintosh PLUS is a platinum model and has an external CMS SD20 20meg SCSI hard disk, as well as 1meg of RAM and an external 800k floppy disk.

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