Radofin Aquarius Radofin Electronics of Hong Kong was the actual manufacturer of the Aquarius computer for Mattel, and once Mattel dropped the Aquarius from their line, Radofin aquired all rights to the machine and continued to manufacture it for roughly the next two years. The only difference between the Radofin Aquarius and the Mattel Aquarius is that the Radofin lacks the 'Mattel Electronics' logo on the upper portion of the casing, just below the expansion port, and that all reference to the Mattel name has been removed from the ID label on the bottom of the machine. Radofin also appended an 'R' to the end of the model number, and it is said that the magnetic shielding of the case on the Radofin is much heavier than that of the Mattel. Otherwise, the two systems are identical. It would appear that the Radofin Aquarius was a popular 'door' prize for various promotions since it could be given away to prospective customers without requiring a large cash outlay while still being billed as a computer.

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